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The International Center for Tropical Botany develops research, education, and outreach programs related to tropical botany, integrating the research programs of a faculty with global presence in tropical regions. By building an international network of collaborating researchers and institutions, the Center facilitates international collaborations that advances critical interdisciplinary research on pressing global issues. Headquartered at the Kampong, the historical estate of plant explorer Dr. David Fairchild and one of the National Tropical Botanical Garden's five sites, the Center is located in Coconut Grove, Florida. 

Education and Engagement

We’re committed to working with our partners to train the next generation of conservationists.


Together with their international collaborators, our faculty will advance projects that integrate three key research themes: tropical plant diversity; conservation and management of threatened tropical plant species and habitats; and products and services generated by tropical plants, including foods, fibers, fuels, and medicines.


We develop tropical botany research, education and outreach programs that integrate the research programs of faculty in tropical regions across the globe. Dedicated to educating future generations of tropical plant biologists, we are located at the historical estate of plant explorer Dr. David Fairchild - The Kampong, one of NTBG’s five botanical gardens.