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Marine Macroalgae Research Laboratory

Professor, Department of Marine Sciences

Primary line of research is with marine macroalge, first as a basic scientist looking for architectural models and their distribution in space at different scales, jumping into some biomechanical and physiological aspects. Asking questions such as the ecological and evolutionary consequences of clonality in algae, playing with L-Systems as tools to model growth and compare different morphotypes. Present interests are closer to understanding what is causing the increase of some macroalgal populations and maybe some changes in the community structure in seagrasses and coral reef communities. Also interested in finding the links between ecological research and management of marine protected areas, particularly in the Mexican Caribbean


  • Architectural model of Caulerpa prolifera
  • Architectural unit and iteration 50 of Bostrychia radicans L-System model
  • Caulerpa taxifolia invasive species of the Mediterranean.
  • Segrass bed with Halimeda

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Ligia Collado-Vides

11200 SW 8th St, OE 210

Miami, FL 33199

colladol@fiu.edu - 305-348-2274

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