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Director, DNA Sequencing Core Facility

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Research interests involve the application of molecular data to address systematic and evolutionary questions, particularly within the Mollusca.  The molluscs, by virtue of their taxonomic, morphological, and ecological diversity, as well as an excellent fossil record, are an especially appropriate group in which to compare results from molecular, morphological, ecological, and paleontological studies.  Congruence of results from these various sources indicates that we are likely to have accurately reconstructed the evolutionary history of a group.  Discordance indicates areas for further investigation, and difficulties with one or more of the data sets in question.


  • Rates and patterns of sequence evolution, and variation in rates within and among groups
  • Sequence comparisons of species pairs isolated by the Pliocene emergence of the Isthmus of Panama
  • Rates of molecular evolution from fossil occurrences
  • Investigating the significance of changing frequencies of the 4 bases A, G, C, and T in DNA sequences in phylogenetic studies

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Tim Collins

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