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Grove ReLeaf

Coconut Grove retains a lush tropical canopy that renders it unique among most South Florida neighborhoods. Nevertheless, neighborhoods are developing rapidly, and some apprehension has arisen regarding the future of the verdant landscape.

Grove ReLeaf focuses on teaching plant identification and inventory skills while also developing a citizen science network for urban tree mapping and monitoring across the Miami area.

The data collected from this program will help ICTB scientists to assign concrete values to the tree canopy, to identify threats, and to understand the consequences of different management options.

Trees Matter

Knowing the composition of our tree canopy is important. It will help our scientists and city officials to:

  • Determine which trees are at risk of falling during hurricanes.
  • Calculate the important ecological and economic benefits of trees.
  • Plan the best species to be planted in particular locations.
  • Monitor trees that can have negative impacts on residents and wildlife.

To participate in the program, download iNaturalist and join the project. While in spending time in Coconut Grove, take pictures of trees and submit them.


Gain Skills

Is your group interested in learning tree inventory and tree valuation skills?