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Participant Information

In KSTEP 2019, participants will:

  • Design an experiment to collect and analyze decomposition rates in natural and urban areas both along the coast, inland, and in the Everglades
  • Compare decomposition data with decays rates measured in different parts of the planet.
  • Determine the potential impact that raising sea levels will have on their populations
  • Learn experimental designs and field and laboratory techniques they can be used to assess plant stress tolerance.
  • Process samples, collect data and test hypotheses related to the effect of drought and seawater exposure on native tree seedlings
  • Measure root morphology and mycorrhizal associations, determine health indexes in plants and discuss about the potential impacts of climatic change in natural and urban areas
  • Learn how to identify local plants using key characteristics of the most common 20 tropical plant families, with examples of the most common urban trees
  • Implement mapping and monitoring techniques for vegetation inventories,
  • Calculate indices of tree value and translate these to dollar amounts.
  • Evaluate the ecological and economic importance of trees in their city landscape.

If you are interested in participating, please complete this application.