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Executive Director, School of Environment, Arts and Society

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Gaiser is an aquatic ecologist interested in drivers of long-term change in lakes and wetlands. Her lab uses surveys, experiments and paleoecological studies to address the mechanisms of community assembly over long temporal and broad spatial scales, and results are often directly incorporated into ecosystem assessment and restoration.

Her research focuses on algal communities, particularly the unusual microbial mats of karst wetlands around the world.

  • Algae as metrics of water quality and quantity
  • Drivers of diatom diversity in space and time
  • Role of algal mats in carbon cycling
  • Lakes as sentinels of climate change

Please visit the following link to view Dr. Gaiser’s current projects


Evelyn Gaiser, Ph.D.

11200 SW 8th St, ECS 453

Miami, FL 33199

gaisere@fiu.edu - 305-348-6145

FIU International Center for Tropical Botany