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Provost and Executive Vice President

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Research intrests include analytical chemistry, forensic science, physicochemical studies and applied aspects of gas, liquid, and supercritical fluid. chromatography, supercritical fluid extraction, solid phase microextraction, forensic chemistry, arson and explosives analysis and canine detection of chemicals.


  • Development of human scent as a biometric and for class determination and source of disease biomarkers including optimal scent sources as well as sampling and analysis methods.
  • Identification of characteristic volatile organic compounds from forensic specimens including human remains and analogues.
  • Development non-hazardous surrogate continuation aids for calibration of instruments and biological detectors (dogs, birds, elephants) including detection of explosives and drugs.
  • Detection of organic traces through improved sampling methods including molecular imprinting and microextraction (employing GC/MS and HPLC).

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Kenneth Furton

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