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Research and training in the biodiversity of natural systems are fundamental to us. Our team works on projects that integrate three key research themes: tropical plant diversity; conservation and management of threatened tropical plant species and habitats; and products and services generated by tropical plants, including foods, fibers, fuels, and medicines.

In South Florida, around the Caribbean and beyond, our research is supporting plant survival and human well-being.

Where We Work

Our researchers target biodiversity hotspots in the Caribbean, the Andes-Amazon region, East Africa, southern China, and—in collaboration with NTBG — the Pacific islands.

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What We Do

Our teams conduct field research in remote areas to describe tropical plant diversity, study sustainable uses of tropical plants, and develop strategies for the conservation of tropical plants and their habitats.

Our research

Who We Are

Our team includes researchers from three different colleges at Florida International University and researchers from the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

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Research Center

We continue to lead in the exploration, conservation and management of tropical plants through work at our research center adjacent to The Kampong in Coconut Grove.